Peter Diamandis Shares His Views on Education in the 21st Century – Part 3: Exponential Technologies for Classrooms

November 29, 2016 – If you haven’t yet read Parts 1 and 2 of Peter Diamandis’ mindshare about how primary education needs to develop a new paradigm, please do so by ... Continue Reading →

Can Technology and Science Advance in a World Wrought With Fear About AI, Robotics and Globalization?

November 11, 2016 – The elections in the United States this week, in one part, are a reaction to a world experiencing constant change through advances in science and technology. ... Continue Reading →
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Last Friday I Couldn’t Tweet – Defending the Internet is Key to Our Future

October 27, 2016 – The Internet is technology’s great emancipator making knowledge ubiquitous. It along with mobile devices has forever changed the nature of communications. ... Continue Reading →

Gizmos & Gadgets: Smartphones Meet Mobile Wireless Storage with iLuun Air

October 12, 2016 – Yesterday on Kickstarter, a company named iLuun launched its campaign to raise money to bring to market a wireless flash drive that can move data and images ... Continue Reading →

Peter Diamandis Looks at Quantum Computing – Are We on the Verge of a Computing Revolution?

October 10, 2016 – Peter Diamandis looks at quantum computing, its implications, and who is working on the technology. Enjoy the read. What is Quantum Computing? Moore’s ... Continue Reading →

Can We Stop Runaway AI?

September 29, 2016 – For those who have concerns about artificial intelligence (AI) and its potential to destroy humanity, the following may turn out to be good news. An organization ... Continue Reading →
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Mining Social Media – Is the World Ready for the Reality of the Minority Report?

September 17, 2016 – When the movie “Minority Report“ first screened it was seen as a dystopian fantasy. But the truth is predictive policing using data mining is ... Continue Reading →
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What’s Holding Us Back from a Distributed Energy Model Replacing Existing Power Grids?

September 15, 2016 – In the last decade human ingenuity has produced the technology necessary to move from our massive power distribution networks to local community power generation ... Continue Reading →
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Stanford University Study Looks at AI Impact on Urban North America: Life in 2030 Part 2

September 7, 2016 – Envisioning the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on North American urban life in 2030, the Stanford University study described in a previous post, also ... Continue Reading →
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Big Data: How Analysis of Large Data Sets is Altering The Way Business Works in the 21st Century

August 24, 2016 – Today’s article comes from Michael Glass. He is a technology and gaming blogger originally from Ireland. Currently based in New York, Michael follows the latest ... Continue Reading →