Off to Costa Rica Next Week, a Country That Ranks First on the Happy Planet Index

  January 27, 2018 – My wife and I have been going to Costa Rica for the last two years and are about to return to that country next week. For lots of reason Costa Rica ... Continue Reading →

Climate Change Reckoning Just Beginning for Big Oil

January 22, 2018 – About a week-and-a-half ago, New York City announced divesting its pension fund of fossil fuel interests. At the same time, it was proceeding with a lawsuit ... Continue Reading →

All Forms of Renewable Energy to be Cheaper Than Power Generated from Fossil Fuel Sources by 2020

January 17, 2018 – It is turning into a no contest between legacy fossil-fuel power generation and renewable energy from wind, solar photovoltaic, and solar thermal according ... Continue Reading →

South Australia is Building the World’s Biggest Solar Thermal Power Plant

January 11, 2018 – Solar panels are popping up all over Australia, but none are quite like the ones that will be featured in a new power plant to be built north of Port Augusta, ... Continue Reading →

Emerging Smart Off Grid Technology Fits What’s Needed for the 21st Century

December 22, 2017 – The water wheel, windmill and spinning wheel powered the Medieval World. Then steam engines were invented. The 19th century moved from candle-power to electricity, ... Continue Reading →

Shell Acquires EV Charging Provider and Joins Car Consortium to Build an EV Station Network in Europe

November 27, 2017 – The electric vehicle (EV) age has taken one more step towards becoming a global reality within the next two decades. Royal Dutch Shell, the second largest ... Continue Reading →

Microsoft Sets 75% 2030 Emission Reduction Target

November 15, 2017 – Microsoft in 2009 made a pledge to reduce its carbon emissions by 30% from 2007 levels by 2012. This commitment focused on improving energy use in operations ... Continue Reading →

German Company Creates a Wind Farm That Includes a Water Battery

November 3, 2017 – Max Bögl Wind AG is a Bavarian company with the biggest wind turbine on the planet. It stands 246.5 meters (808 feet) in height and is located in the Limpurg Hills ... Continue Reading →

Vehicle Makers Conflicted Between Batteries and Fuel Cells – Which Will Be the Better Technology?

October 24, 2017 – Honda and Toyota are betting on hydrogen fuel cells as the ultimate power source for future zero-emission vehicles. Both companies have models on the road, ... Continue Reading →

Cities Lead Way: 12 C40 Members to Buy Zero Emission Buses while Toronto-Alphabet Collaboration to Build Quayside

October 23, 2017 – Cities around the world are taking climate change seriously and implementing policies that can help us all get closer to a low-carbon future. London, Paris, ... Continue Reading →