Guess What? Earthworms Can Survive in Martian Soil

November 29, 2017 – Earthworms can take it and based on the latest reveal, may be destined to help establish gardens for future Martian colonies. Sustainable agriculture is of ... Continue Reading →

Proposal to Deploy Magnetic Shield Around Mars to Restore Oceans and Atmosphere

March 7, 2017 – In science fiction writers can come up with planet-wide magnetic shields and Death Stars. But in reality? At the recent Planetary Science Vision 2050 Workshop, ... Continue Reading →

Growing Food Crops on Mars Experiment Works – But Can We Eat It?

March 12, 2016 – Since 2013 researchers have been experimenting with Earth crops grown in simulated Martian and Moon soils. How can we do this? We have detailed chemical and spectral ... Continue Reading →

Does Bioengineering Provide an Answer to Global Warming?

December 6, 2015 – Back in 2012 I wrote a posting entitled “If the Climate Changes Wouldn’t it be Easier to Change Us?” It seemed bizarrely logical that since ... Continue Reading →

Nuke Mars to Terraform It Says Elon Musk – I Don’t Think So!

September 11, 2015 – Even Tony Stark’s real life alter ego, Elon Musk, gets it wrong from time to time. On this week’s CBS The Late Show, he told host Stephen Colbert ... Continue Reading →

Technology That Produces Oxygen from CO2 Could Have Far Reaching Impact

June 25, 2015 – For future astronauts on Deep Space missions, a technology developed at University of California, could prove the difference between life and death. If you remember ... Continue Reading →

Latest Climate Panel Report Assesses Current and Future Risk

March 31, 2014 – Climate change and global warming remains a “hot” topic, no pun intended. In the latest release from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change ... Continue Reading →

Space Update: Our Human Behaviour Here on Earth is Perfectly Suited for Mars

It occurred to me today as I was reading about researchers being able to reliably predict snowstorms on Mars, that what we humans are doing here on Earth could be perfect for terraforming ... Continue Reading →

Human Resolutions for Lifeboat Earth in 2013

We live on Lifeboat Earth. Our sea is the Universe. To be ignorant of this is to ignore the potential consequences of our bad behavior and its impact on the boat. We have to stop putting ... Continue Reading →

Climate Science and Energy Update: 13 Actions Our Governments Must Take

I always have liked the number 13, call me crazy. I know many of you are superstitious about some numbers. My mom was about the number 7. Many buildings today don’t have a 13th ... Continue Reading →