German Entry in Google Lunar X Prize Plans Visit to Apollo 17 Landing Site

December 1, 2016 – The competition among 16 remaining teams for the Google Lunar X Prize continues to heat up with one entry, a multi-country German-based  Part-Time Scientists ... Continue Reading →

Something Weird is Going on in the Arctic

November 18, 2016 – Sea ice in the Arctic reaches seasonal lows in September each year. This year was no different other than the fact that the ice cover this year was even less ... Continue Reading →
Photo credit: Delores Johnson/The National

Abu Dhabi Steel Plant Takes on Carbon Capture Storage and Utilization

November 15, 2016 – Al Reyadah is the world’s first commercial carbon capture steel facility. The carbon dioxide (CO2) it captures will be pumped into oil reservoirs to ... Continue Reading →

What a President Trump May Mean for the Climate Change Fight and Decreasing Our Use of Fossil Fuels

November 9, 2016 – As I watched the returns last evening it was clear to me shortly after 11 p.m. that Trump was going to be declared President Elect. I spent much of the night ... Continue Reading →

Electric Vehicles Getting Highway Charging Infrastructure in the United States

November 5, 2016 – In a recent energy report investors in fossil fuels were told that it may be the right time to start moving money away from an industry wedded to gasoline and ... Continue Reading →

Washington State Puts Carbon Tax on the Ballot

November 3, 2016 – In five more days America votes. In the state of Washington there is a proposition Initiative 732 or I-732 for short. It is a vote on whether to implement a ... Continue Reading →

250 Global Investors Tell Automotive Industry to Accelerate to a Low-Carbon World

October 18, 2016 – Dr. Hans-Christoph Hirt, co-head of Hermes EOS, a European investment house, along with 249 other global investment firms has told the automotive industry that ... Continue Reading →

Where We Are Going in Space

October 16, 2016 – Tomorrow China will send two taikonauts to occupy a recently launched Tiangong 2 space laboratory. In the last week President Obama has shared his vision of ... Continue Reading →
Photo credit: Khalid Mohammed, AP

Kigali Sees Meeting of Minds on Cutting Refrigerant and Air Conditioning Gases

October 15, 2016 – The nations of the world have agreed to a legally binding agreement to cut the greenhouse gases used in refrigeration and air conditioning. The gases are known ... Continue Reading →

Guerilla War May Soon Engulf Oil Companies and Oil Pipelines

October 13, 2016 – This week we witnessed the opening salvo in a new and escalating war against fossil fuels. Environmental activists penetrated five major pipelines and shut ... Continue Reading →