Gizmos & Gadgets: You Thought Orcas were Killer Whales, but This ORCA Cleans Up Oil Spills and Ocean Plastic

June 23, 2017 – ORCA stands for Oil Response Cleaning Apparatus. It is described as a virtually clog-proof marine clean-up machine by its inventor, Riz Khan. Khan developed it ... Continue Reading →

Three U.S. Coastlines Under Siege from a Combination of Subsidence and Rising Sea Levels

June 17, 2017 – If you live on or near the coastline of these three areas in the United States you need to consider your future plans because the combination of subsidence and ... Continue Reading →

Gizmos & Gadgets: AirBuddy Turns Snorkeling into a Scuba Experience

June 13, 2017 – On Indiegogo, I came across AirBuddy, a diving system for those who always wanted to have a near-scuba experience without pay the full price. What is AirBuddy? ... Continue Reading →

Craters in the Barents Sea Point to Explosive End to the Last Ice Age

June 6, 2017 – When during the 1990s, exploration of the Barents Sea revealed hundreds of large pockmarks on the sea floor, researchers were initially puzzled. What could have ... Continue Reading →

The World’s Largest Iceberg is About to be Born

June 1, 2017 – A portion of an ice shelf twice the size of Luxembourg is very close to falling into the sea. A mere 13 kilometers (8 miles) distance remains between the end of ... Continue Reading →

Seas Rise While King Trump Pushes Back Against the Tide of Climate Change Action

May 27, 2017 – The G7 (Group of Seven) meetings in Italy will end today with a communique of common action by its members representing the world’s largest democratic economies. ... Continue Reading →

Alaska Permafrost Shows That Carbon Sink Role Coming to an End

May 14, 2017 – A new study by Harvard University, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and other affiliates shows that permafrost in the face of global ... Continue Reading →

Oil Exploration Companies Continue Deepwater Drilling While the Rest of Us Talk About Climate Adaptation and Mitigation

May 4, 2017 – Will we witness another Deepwater Horizon in our lifetimes? Highly likely considering that oil exploration in the deep ocean continues unabated. The infographic ... Continue Reading →

In Our Search for Alien Life Go No Further Than Earth Itself

April 20, 2017 – Life on Earth pops up in some of the most inhospitable places. It is only a few decades from our first discovery of teeming life in the deep oceans of our world, ... Continue Reading →

NASA Holds an Information Session to Talk About What’s Been Found on Ocean Worlds

April 14, 2017 – Who would have thought that the places to look for life other than here on Earth would be moons and dwarf planets located in the outer Solar System. NASA has ... Continue Reading →