Where We Are Going in Space

October 16, 2016 – Tomorrow China will send two taikonauts to occupy a recently launched Tiangong 2 space laboratory. In the last week President Obama has shared his vision of ... Continue Reading →

The 21st Century: Our Journey to Immortality or Extinction

October 15, 2016 – It is the Ides of October and I have resolved after seven years of writing this blog to attempt a synthesis of much of its content into a book which will bear ... Continue Reading →

Elon Musk Shares His Martian Dream Out Loud

September 28, 2016 – It is great to have a visionary at the helm of a company even if the vision described seems unimaginable based on current realities. But yesterday Elon Musk, ... Continue Reading →

Europa: All These Worlds Are Yours Except Europa. Attempt No Landing There

September 27, 2016 – It’s my daughter’s birthday today and before I get started I want to wish her all the best on this the day she came into the world. She changed ... Continue Reading →

Blue Origin Moves from New Shepard to New Glenn

September 13, 2016 – Jeff Bezos has his eye on surpassing his rival Elon Musk with his latest space company announcement. The first reusable single-stage rocket built by Blue ... Continue Reading →
Jupiter's south pole

First Jupiter Juno Flyby Produces Jovian Images Never Seen Before

September 3, 2016 – The north pole of Jupiter is unlike anything we have ever seen before in our Solar System states NASA after Juno’s first close encounter with the planet. ... Continue Reading →
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Did Russian Astronomers Detect Alien Intelligent Life?

August 30, 2016 – On May 15th this year Russian astronomers operating the RATAN-600 radio telescope (seen below) detected a signal originating from a star system with known planets ... Continue Reading →
Illustration by Stephanie Davidson

NASA News: New Universal Docking Port Installed and Speculation to Sell the International Space Station

August 21, 2016 – On Friday two American astronauts performed a spacewalk to install the International Docking Adapter delivered to the International Space Station (ISS) by a ... Continue Reading →
Image courtesy of ESA

Gizmos & Gadgets: A GPS System for Space Travel

August 11, 2016 – The National Physical Laboratory (NPL) and University of Leicester, in the United Kingdom, published a paper this week describing the equivalent of a GPS system ... Continue Reading →
Luxembourg space resources initiative

Interplanetary Mining Just Around the Corner

August 10, 2016 – We are less than a year away from seeing the first commercial mining operator launch a test mission into near-earth orbit with plans to follow up before the ... Continue Reading →