Luxembourg Passes Space Resource Appropriation Law

July 17, 2017 – Appropriation is another word for exploitation. And it seems that the original intent of humanity in addressing the international use of outer space is quickly ... Continue Reading →

Can Time Run Backwards? Introducing Retrocausality

July 12, 2017 – Getting the quantum world to align with Einstein’s theory of relativity has always caused headaches for physicists. Where quantum theory explains how the ... Continue Reading →

Martian Surface Inhospitable to Earth Microbes Say Scientists

July 10, 2017 – This is a good news, bad news story. The good news is any biology that hitchhikes on Mars landers and rovers probably stands no chance of survival on the surface ... Continue Reading →

Robotic Satellite Servicing in NASA’s Plans

July 9, 2017 – I have argued in past postings that the only way our journey to Deep Space will become viable is if we develop a supporting infrastructure. Waystations between ... Continue Reading →

4,034 Exoplanets and Still Counting

June 21, 2017 – When NASA this week held a news conference to talk about more exoplanet discoveries it was almost a ho-hum affair. Astronomers working with the Kepler Space Telescope ... Continue Reading →

Asgardia: Humanities Nation in Space?

June 14, 2017 – If you have not heard of Asgardia, you are not alone. Started through initial funding from Russian businessperson and scientist, Igor Ashurbeyli, the goal is to ... Continue Reading →

Will We Still Be Human in Another Hundred Years?

June 7, 2017 – Evolution and technological innovation are at a crossroads for our species here in the 21st century. We, through natural processes, have developed big brains. Those ... Continue Reading →

Easier to Fix Earth Than Find a Planet B to Colonize

June 4, 2017 – I know Donald Trump wants to send humans to the Moon and Mars while he is still President. He thinks it would be a really “cool” thing to happen while ... Continue Reading →

Lunar South Pole Shows Presence of Water Ice and May Explain How Earth Got Its Oceans

June 3, 2017 – The lunar surface a mere 5 degrees from the Moon’s south pole appears to have surface water ice. It’s not like that at the Moon’s north pole ... Continue Reading →

The Stratolaunch Space Launch System Makes its Debut

June 2, 2017 – A twin-fuselage six-jet-engine monster aircraft with an 118 meter (385 foot) wingspan made its debut this week. You can see it below emerging from its hangar.       The ... Continue Reading →