Electric Vehicles are No Longer on the Margin of the Automobile Industry

July 7, 2017 – Yesterday a report published by Bloomberg reflected what is becoming more apparent each day. The electric vehicle (EV) is the future of the automobile industry. ... Continue Reading →

Under COP21 Marine Shipping’s Contribution to Greenhouse Gases was Omitted

March 3, 2016 – In a sub-headline from an article appearing in The Guardian six years ago comes the following: “One giant container ship can emit almost the same amount ... Continue Reading →

Gallium Nitride and Sol-Gel Transistors to Change Electronics and Energy Consumption

August 5, 2015 – Graphene is seen as a material that is altering our technical world. But it isn’t alone. In the past few weeks two others have joined the new materials ... Continue Reading →

The Current and Near Future for Hybrid Vehicle Technology

December 9, 2014 – Today’s guest blogger is Heidi Cardenas. Her background may be human resources, business administration, technical writing and corporate communications, ... Continue Reading →

Gizmos & Gadgets: Power through Ultrasound to Become Ubiquitous if uBeam Succeeds

October 27, 2014 – Imagine transmitting energy through the air to power everything in your home. Nikola Tesla, the inventor of alternating electric current, predicted it would ... Continue Reading →

Oil – We Spill it Everywhere and Yet We Keep on Drilling and Transporting it

July 11, 2014 – This morning as I perused my many alerts and feeds I came across a headline from The National, a paper published out of the United Arab Emirates. Its title, How ... Continue Reading →

I Was Asked to Contribute an Abstract to an Upcoming Conference On Vertical Farming and its Future

I share with you my comments to the conference organizers. In my initial research on vertical “urban” farms I discovered Dickson Despommier and his concepts which you can ... Continue Reading →

New U.S. Report States “Climate Change Has Moved Firmly into the Present”

May 6, 2014 – This week the U.S. Global Change Research Program issued its latest National Climate Assessment. This program consists of a scientific panel of 300 experts supervised ... Continue Reading →

Some Companies Get Climate Change – Look At Mars

May 1, 2014 – The Mars referred to here is not the red planet but the company that is known for M&M’s, Mars, Milky Way, Twix, Snickers and 3Musketeers, supplier of chocolate ... Continue Reading →

Headlines: Are We Starting to Turn the Corner on Fossil Fuel Use?

January 15, 2014 – At least when it comes to oil it seems consumption is starting to decline among the countries of the Developed World. So states Christof Ruehl, Chief Economist ... Continue Reading →