Cruise RP-1 Turns Even Your Car into an Autonomously Driven Vehicle

June 24, 2014 – Right now if you own an Audi A4 or S4 then you can add an autopilot for $10,000 U.S. Developed by Cruise Auomation, the RP-1 includes cameras, radar, collision detection, throttle and break control as well as an on board computer system which apparently is easy to install on these Audi models, but not yet available for other manufacturers’ vehicles.

The RP-1 computer takes up a small amount of trunk space and is mounted to the side. The software controls the computer vision and vehicle systems. Just like Cruise Control, you engage with a switch of a button and it takes over the operation of your vehicle. To disengage just touch the steering wheel or the accelerator pedal.

The company started taking orders for the first 50 units in the last week and intends to product ready to install early in 2015. Right now the inventor and founder, Kyle Vogt, states that the product is really a highway autopilot. Just take it on the highway, turn it on, and it does the steering, accelerating and braking.

Currently an Audi with the RP-1 on board is undergoing validation testing on highways in the San Francisco area.


Cruise RP-1

Lookout Google and Volvo, you have competition.


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  • Simon Gibson

    I do worry, a little, at the amount of litigation that will be flying around in the first few years of this technology and how everyone’s motoring insurance will initially rise steeply because of it, even if later it falls, a little bit, because of less accidents. I’m sure the insurance companies are seeing this as a win-win opportunity for them. (Yes I am a cynic when it comes to big business).