Energy Update: Watching the Defkalion Demonstration Right Now

A demonstration in real time is almost exciting as watching grass grow. Defkalion is demonstrating its LENR cold fusion device using two different gas inputs to show that the reaction occurring is not chemical heating.

In the first demonstration the reactor is primed with argon, an inert gas. In the second demonstration the reactor will be primed using hydrogen. I have been watching the argon testing so far and as I said before, there is nothing terribly exciting about watching this in real time.

The narrator has stated to the viewers who are watching the live demo that we will not see a net energy output gain from argon but will see one when hydrogen is injected into the reactor.

Defkalion could learn a thing or two about marketing when doing a demo. If you had wanted to create a buzz in the room I would have started with the hydrogen to show net energy gain from the reactor and then used the argon control to show the difference. But maybe by doing it this way they want to demonstrate scientific rigor.

It will be interesting to see the results from the hydrogen. I’ll keep watching.


Defkalion demo


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  • Niccolo5

    Thanks for covering this event. I can’t get the live streaming to work on my system. How hopelessly naïve their “demonstration” is. Have they no shame? Two men in lab smocks and one man in a blue polo shirt? Did they run out of lab smocks? That blue Harbor Freight bench vice is a real scientific stunner. They might have done better spray-painting their vice a lighter shade of blue to match the other blue objects.

    At least in this show they don’t have their “energy cell” clamped in the vice. Give us a break. Why do you suppose there is no honest calorimetric display of a rapidly melting garbage pail of cracked ice sitting on their pallet? They certainly know about that foolproof concept. I told them about it back when they had an interactive web site. It’s just another snake oil pitch, but they aren’t as good at it as Rossi.

    • lenrosen4

      A clarification – the guy in the blue shirt is a Swedish journalist working with a science magazine. He seems to be a bit of a rookie who was parachuted in to replace someone more knowledgeable. I’m continuing to watch this Milan-based demo. They are about to purge the argon from the system and start to introduce the nitrogen.