Gizmos & Gadgets: Crowdfunding a Cold Fusion Car

Dr. Dennis Cravens has taken the engine out of a 1928 Model “A” Ford he bought and will replace it with a cold fusion power source. He is looking to raise $20,000 using crowdfunding. In the video he posted on YouTube he states that if he can make cold fusion work a liter of heavy water would provide enough energy to run a house for a couple of centuries, and that a fusion-powered car would need one fill up in its entire operational life.

Is Dr. Cravens for real?

The donations page link he uploaded to YouTube doesn’t work. I hope he fixes that.

You can learn more about what he is doing by following along as he posts notes on the Dennis Fusioncar Facebook page.

The engine he is building runs on steam like the old Stanley Steamer. I’ve given you a link to a previous blog posting of mine in which I described how steam-powered cars lost out to the internal combustion engine in the 1920s. But if Dr. Cravens can make his cold fusion power plant reliable enough to heat up a boiler filled with water and get enough torque to get the car moving then maybe we will see a steam engine revival.

Whether Dr. Cravens succeeds or not, he has started a countdown clock with the hope of driving his fusion-powered car in a parade in his hometown of Cloudcroft, New Mexico.


Dennis Cravens Model A Ford



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