Gizmos & Gadgets: A Mouse You Wear Like a Ring

Kickstarter is a great place to see human inventiveness at work. It’s also an opportunity for you to make an investment in something you think has “legs.” Launched in 2009 the site has raised over a half-billion dollars for 35,000 projects. Check out the statistics.

One of those projects is Mycestro, (pronounced like maestro, the person who conducts an orchestra), a 3D computer mouse that you wear on your index finger. Originally the company was looking for $100,000 to kick start the business. But it has surpassed that amount considerably and are now hoping to reach $400,000 with 10 days to go.

How does Mycestro work?

Slip it on your index finger. Use the adjustable strap for a comfortable fit. Activate it by pressing your thumb anywhere on the 3-button side panel (seen in the image below). It is Bluetooth enabled and lasts about 8 hours. Recharge it using its built-in USB port.

Mycestro works just like a regular mouse except in three-dimensions using gestures and your thumb to activate the buttons. No surface is required to operate this baby. Just thumb it to position the cursor on your PC, laptop, Android or Apple device. You don’t even  have to be right in front of the computer because you can use it as a device controller from distances up to 30 feet.

For people with disabilities Mycestro can make computing and device management easy even for those with minimal hand dexterity.

Watch Mycestro in action on YouTube.

The company, Innovative Developments, LLC, hopes to have it on the market before Christmas 2013. I couldn’t find a price tag, but if you want to invest a $79 pledge on Kickstarter will get you a Mycestro and a T-shirt.


Mycestro the next generation mouse



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