Gizmos & Gadgets – A Personal Energy Device Fuel Cell Called Upp

November 12, 2013 – Upp ™ is a personal fuel cell that can charge USB-compatible electronics like smartphones, eReaders, tablets, digital cameras and game consoles. An invention of Intelligent Energy Limited, out of the United Kingdom, Upp comes with a fuel cell and replaceable hydrogen fuel cartridge. It combines the hydrogen from the cartridge with air to produce electricity and water vapour as a byproduct. Each fuel cartridge is reusable with a single cartridge providing about five recharges of a smartphone. As the cartridge begins to run low the mobile Upp application automatically orders you a new one which can be delivered by courier if you sign up for the service. I don’t know if that service will be available for non-United Kingdom purchasers. Right now the website store is not up and running but with the launch at AfricaCom 2013 this week I suspect it soon will.

As the CEO of the company, Henri Winand states, “the Upp fuel cell personal energy device has the power to extend your everyday life experiences and untether you from the wall socket, while making sure you stay connected.” The cost, $199 U.S. No pricing as of yet on the cartridge service or on replacement cartridges.

Upp is expected to be available for Christmas. Watch the YouTube video to learn more.





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