Gizmos & Gadgets: Plush Teddy Bear Monitors Babies

Want to buy a plush toy for your kid for Christmas this year. Well Teddy the Guardian, a teddy bear containing an array of embedded medical sensors. It can be a child’s favourite toy while at the same time serving to remotely send information to a parent about that child’s heart rate, blood pressure, temperature and oxygen saturation levels.

Teddy is made by IDerma, a Zagreb, Croatia. The company is known for data mining models and mobile applications used in clinical medicine, and has developed a self monitoring service for patients with diabetes. Their expertise in mobile Bluetooth has allowed them to embed within Teddy the ability to communicate with smart phones, tablets and smart watches.

Teddy is made from wool and organic cotton with its sensors strategically located. For example a paw sensor tracks heart rate and oxygen levels. For a child with a life threatening illness Teddy could turn out to be a lifesaver, detecting early signs of stress and alerting parents.

You can watch the online video and order Teddy in time for Christmas. You can even send a drawing to the manufacturer and they will recreate your own Teddy and send it to you. Teddy has received U.S. FDA approval and is awaiting CE accreditation. It should start shipping in October of this year. Click on pre-order to get started. Teddy will sell for $69 U.S.




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