Gizmos & Gadgets: Time-Saving Tech and What it Means for the Future

June 11, 2015 – Guest blogger Susan Finch joins 21st Century Tech blog with this interesting exploration of technology in the present that may be driving us to a future of even more instant response than the one we live in at present. Susan is a freelance writer who loves travel, and whose writing includes giving a voice to small business online. She has made contributions to guidebooks, magazines, iPhone apps, and many online publications. You can find her at


According to Pew Research, hyper-connectivity and expanding technology leads to a need for instant gratification and loss of patience. Some experts speculate that it will make humans unable to address complex challenges. While this may be true, you also can argue that it may make people more innovative to find quick solutions that make them more productive and save them time. Whichever way you look at it, it’s unlikely anyone will turn down the offer to streamline their daily tasks with the help of the latest gadget.

Here’s some of the best technology of 2015 that could change your life.

Wireless Furniture

In 2015, IKEA launched a line of furniture that charges your smartphone wirelessly. There’s no need to go hunting for your charger and find a spot to plug in. Designated spots on IKEA’s bedside tables and lamps make it easy to charge your devices while you hang out with friends or catch up on work.

Skip packing your charger altogether and head out for a cup of coffee. Starbucks started offering wireless charging stations in their coffee shops last year. However, in 10 years, this technology will probably seem antiquated as devices will probably be charged without ever having to take it out of your bag or place it on a wireless spot. As soon as you walk into an establishment with an electrical hotspot, your device will start charging.

Lightning Fast Smartphone Charging

Smartphones make day-to-day tasks like taking videos, navigating new cities and keeping tabs on friends easier than ever before. But, with all that activity, it can take a few hours to fully recharge your device. However, the new Google Nexus 6 houses a supersized 3220 mAh battery that makes it possible to go longer and charge faster. In just 15 minutes, you receive up to six hours of battery life.

3-D Printers

3-D printers are no longer a fantasy of the future or limited to medical supplies and heavy manufacturing. The New Matter MOD-t 3-D printer offers everyday consumers the chance to make small 3-D objects about six inches in size. Once you load up the device and set up a few options, you’re ready to print with the help of poly-lactic acid plastic filament. Just pick a product from the New Matter store and click print.

It’s likely that 3-D printers will offer consumers more flexibility and control over their purchases in the future. You won’t need to argue about producing products overseas or rush out to the store to pick up a last-minute gift or household necessity. Instead, you’ll just load up your 3-D printer and hit print.

Pocket Printer

Instead of hunting down a printer at the office or copy center or trying to set up your home office, carry a pocket-sized printer with you. The Zuta Labs Pocket Printer swiftly moves across a document and prints it. You can connect it directly to your tablet, laptop or smartphone, or you can connect wirelessly to any device. Then, all you have to do is lay any-sized piece of paper flat on a table and watch the pocket printer go.

Smart Wallet

Eliminate the need for carrying around a wallet stuffed with cards that are difficult to access when you need them. The Wocket Smart Wallet houses a Wocket Card to replace all of your credit and membership reward cards in one place. Just swipe it at any retailer and select whichever card you want it to be. You can even house your voter registration card in your Wocket Wallet with its card reader or enter it manually.


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