Gizmos & Gadgets: Window Stick-On Filters Out Urban Noise

November 9, 2013 – The gadget is called Sono and it transforms any window into an active noise cancelling system. Noises from pneumatic drills, police and emergency sirens, barking dogs, and other loud outdoor commotion can be filtered out, while letting in the sound of bird song, leaves rustling or a gentle breeze.




In a world of increasing urban intensification where more of us are living in apartments and condominiums, noise pollution is an increasing problem. With Sono users simply place the device on the window, dial the desired setting, and gain a respite from unwanted sounds. Watch the YouTube video to see Sono at work.

Sono is an invention by an Austrian industrial designer, Rudolf Stefanich. His device was an entry in this year’s James Dyson Award, an international design competition that inspires innovation and invention. This year’s top winner wasn’t Sono. It was the Titan Arm, another gadget I wrote about a short time ago.

How does Sono work? It uses concentric broadband antenna rings (see Sono technical setup below) to reduce noise passing through the medium on which it is placed.
 Sono Noise Canceling Technology


Does Sono sound like something you would like? Visit Stefanich’s website to find out if and when it will be coming to a consumer electronics store near you in the not too distant future.

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