Headlines: Fuel From Waste Goes on Sale in California

December 29, 2013 – Landfill is becoming a source for biofuel production. In California, Clean Energy, has started selling a fuel it calls Redeem. A biogas, Redeem comes from landfill, sewage plants and dairy waste and is being sold at 35 California stations.


The biomethane produced by Clean Energy is 90% cleaner than diesel. Extracted from organic waste it is processed, purified and dispensed through pipelines to the company’s fueling infrastructure where it is then compressed or liquefied. It then gets transported to stations where it is sold as fuel. The company has plans to produce 56.8 million liters (15 million gallons) of the stuff over the next year.

On the company website it claims that using Redeem will allow a car fleet consuming on average 3.8 million liters (1 million gallons) per year to reduce its carbon footprint by 9,700 metric tons. That is equivalent to taking 1,940 cars off the road.

Redeem is lower priced than gasoline or diesel, ans should be a very attractive offering particularly to vehicle fleet operators.

The map below shows where current and future Redeem supplied stations are located. Current ones are in blue and dark green. Future stations are in the lighter green.


Clean Energy Station Locator

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