SETI search 2

The Question “Are We Alone?” Got More Complicated This Month

January 12, 2016 – The search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI) may have to be redirected if Rosanne Di Stefano is right. She is a theoretical astrophysicist at the Harvard-Smithsonian ... Continue Reading →
Law of Accelerating Returns graphic

Peter Diamandis and the Law of Accelerating Returns

January 11, 2016 – Once more I am sharing with you the latest communication received from Peter Diamandis of Ansari XPrize fame. Peter is kind enough to send out email blasts ... Continue Reading →
Phi Suea House

Hydrogen Energy Storage: A Breakthrough Technology to Compliment Rooftop Solar Panels

January 11, 2016 – Today’s guest bloggers are Sebastian-Justus and Jan Schmidt. I was approached by one of their colleagues about the technology they describe here back ... Continue Reading →
Drought in Southern Africa

Necessity Overcoming Unscientific Fears in GMO African Debate

January 10, 2016 – Drought in Southern Africa is causing widespread crop failures in a number of countries. It extends from South Africa to Zimbabwe, Malawi, Zambia and Tanzania. ... Continue Reading →
IMSR Terrestrial Energy

Integral Molten Salt Nuclear Reactors Could be Deployed in the Next Decade

January 9, 2016 – Small molten salt nuclear reactors may become a part of the energy mix by the mid-2020s if Terrestrial Energy has its way. The company, based in Oakville, Ontario, ... Continue Reading →
eHang 184

Gizmos & Gadgets: Chinese Company Builds Passenger Carrying Drone

January 8, 2016 – It’s my birthday today and I was looking for the perfect “me gift.” So I went shopping for gadgets coming from news announcements at the Consumer ... Continue Reading →
Solar System oscillations

Four New Elements Join Visible Matter Periodic Table – What About Dark Matter?

January 7, 2016 – Is dark matter a Universe in parallel with the one we can see? Does dark matter have an equivalent periodic table? These are questions I have been contemplating ... Continue Reading →
Martian concrete 3

Martian Concrete for Martian Homes

January 6, 2015 – Researchers at Northwestern University’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering have analyzed the chemistry of Martian soil from rover data ... Continue Reading →
3D printing transforming construction

More on 3D Printing: How It is About to Transform Cities

January 5, 2016 – Today’s guest blogger is Roy Rasmussen. Roy is co-author of the book  “Publishing for Publicity.” This is his third contribution to 21st Century ... Continue Reading →
HRL Laboratories

3D Printing Materials Advancements Point to a Revolution in Manufacturing

January 5, 2016 – The world of 3D printing has been moving from hobbyist, one-off production using plastics and resins as “inks” to industrial materials. NASA and ... Continue Reading →