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David Suzuki Talks About The Future of Hydroelectric Power in a Warming World

July 18, 2016 –In an email I received from the David Suzuki Foundation he talks about how global warming will impact a most important renewable energy source, hydroelectric power. ... Continue Reading →
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“There’s something going on” New Scientific Studies Borrow a Trump Phrase But There’s No Conspiracy

July 17, 2016 – The presumptive nominee of the U.S. Republican Party, Donald Trump, is fond of spouting conspiracy theories. Climate change is a Chinese-inspired hoax. President ... Continue Reading →
Smart gun technology

The Future of Firearms

July 16, 2016 – You may hate their very existence but firearms are very much a part of modern technical “civilization.” In fact the origin of weapons from spear points ... Continue Reading →
Trump Make America Great Again

How Technology Will Be Impacted by a Trump Presidency

July 15, 2016 – In an open letter signed by 145 of the leading individuals in technology companies and related institutions in the United States, the authors have pilloried Donald ... Continue Reading →
Black Carbon Black Snow

What are Short-Lived Climate Pollutants?

July 14, 2016 – In the recent Three Amigos meeting involving Canada’s Prime Minister, the President of Mexico and the President of the United States, the leaders announced ... Continue Reading →
Time Machine solution for carbon pricing

U.S. Democratic Platform Adopts More Aggressive Climate Change Agenda

July 12, 2016 – Bernie Sanders in endorsing Hillary Clinton today as the Democratic nominee for U.S. President has won her support for a more aggressive climate change agenda ... Continue Reading →
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Peter Diamandis on Tesla’s Autopilot – Charges Media with Negativity Bias

July 11, 2016 – I must admit that when I read about the fatality that occurred to a driver operating a Tesla Model S on Autopilot I had concerns about the maturity of the technology. ... Continue Reading →
Enceladus geysers

New Hope for Life in the Outer Solar System

July 10, 2016 – The more we study life here on Earth and the exotic places where it thrives, the more scientists are convinced that we will find it elsewhere in our Solar System. ... Continue Reading →
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CEO Calls for All Companies to Disclose Climate Change Risk to Shareholders

July 9, 2016 – Paul Polman is the CEO of Unilever Plc. If you are not familiar with the company you are with its brands which include Becel, Sunlight, Hellmann’s, Knorr, ... Continue Reading →
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Business and Technology are Migrating to the Cloud – Part 4: Mountains of Data Meet Artificial Intelligence

July 8, 2016 – The future of business is in the cloud. That’s because the trend in the business world is to a blend of both local sourced and online data resources. In the ... Continue Reading →