Canadian temperature changes 1950 to 2010

Canada’s Federal Government Taken to Task by Environment Commissioner

October 9, 2014 – Imagine being taken out to the wood shed for a paddling by a commissioner your government appointed as an environment watchdog. That’s what happened this ... Continue Reading →
Baxter working with humans in the workplace

Quantum Robots and Other Robot News

October 9, 2014 – As IBM finds new applications in medicine and buisness for Watson, its Jeopardy-winning computing technology, it is quantum physics and its application to robotics ... Continue Reading →
Source: REUTERS/James Akena

African Countries to Issue Climate Bonds to Fund Mitigation Strategies

October 8, 2014 – It’s a tiny step but 24 African countries have launched the African Risk Capacity Extreme Climate Facility (ARC-XCF) bond issue. Starting in 2016 the bonds ... Continue Reading →
Gamification image

Gamification – What is it and How is it Changing the Way Kids Learn?

October 7, 2014 – Today’s guest blogger is Lilia Ortiz, a freelance writer, graphic design student and bookworm with three years of writing and editing experience, particularly ... Continue Reading →
Solar Energy IEA Report

Revised IEA Roadmap Sees Solar Energy Producing 27% of the World’s Power with a Proviso

October 7, 2014 – Last year in July I wrote about the IEA, the International Energy Agency, and its forecast on the future of renewable energy. The organization predicted that ... Continue Reading →

Thousands of Floating Ocean Sensors Report Ocean Warming Faster Than Anticipated

October 7, 2014 – In this months Letters posted in the journal Nature Climate Change, researchers from the Lawrence Livermore and Jet Propulsion Laboratories in California are ... Continue Reading →

Another Genome Test Kit Enters the Market Further Democratizing our DNA

October 6, 2014 – The Canadian government and provincial Ministries of Health are about to find themselves facing the democratizing of genetic information, forever altering the ... Continue Reading →

The Impending Medical Revolution as Expressed by X-Prize Founder Peter Diamandis

October 5, 2014 – Rather than paraphrase the content of an e-mail I received yesterday from Peter Diamandis I am reproducing it largely in full. It is a statement about the revolution ... Continue Reading →
Oxygen crystal before and after

A Material That Sucks Oxygen Out of A Room – A Good Thing? Maybe.

October 4, 2014 – A crystal that binds and stores high concentrations of oxygen has been synthesized by researchers at the University of Southern Denmark. A bucketful can suck ... Continue Reading →
Bacterial Communication

Shutting Down Cancer by Understanding its Communication System

October 3, 2014 – Did you know that bacteria “talk” to each other? The conversation is chemical and understanding that type of communication may lead to a way to prevent ... Continue Reading →