Will Humans and Robots Get Along in the 21st Century?

December 2, 2014 – I bought a Roomba for my upcoming birthday. A guy buying a robot vacuum cleaner? Yep! I’m that much of a nerd to want to watch this little automaton cross ... Continue Reading →
Photo Credit: Lynne Cameron/PA

Bank of England to Formally Assess Risk from Fossil Fuel Company Unburnable Assets

December 1, 2014 – As reported yesterday in The Financial Times, the former Governor of the Bank of Canada, Mark Carney, and now in that same role for the Bank of England, has ... Continue Reading →
Tianjin Eco-City

China Experiments with Smart Cities

November 29, 2014 – Cities are where human ingenuity is demonstrating how to address climate change and implement smart green solutions. The C40 Climate Leadership Group, which ... Continue Reading →
Afsluitdijk blue energy plant

Blue Energy Power Station Opens in the Netherlands

November 28, 2014 – What is blue energy? It is energy derived from whenever fresh and saltwater meet. Watch the video to understand how this form of energy works. Through a simple ... Continue Reading →
Longitude Prize Globe

Longitude Prize Tackles Antibiotic Resistance

November 28, 2014 – Antibiotics have been the principle means by which humanity fights off bacterial infections. But the over subscribing of these life saving drugs has given ... Continue Reading →
This image shows the launch of the rocket TEXUS-49 from the Esrange Space Center in Kiruna, North Sweden. Photo Credit: Adrian Mettauer

DNA Space Test – It’s Alive!

November 28, 2014 – In this month’s issue of Scientific American, an article, entitled “DNA Can Survive Reentry from Space,” reports a study done by Swiss and ... Continue Reading →
Malaria distribution 1880 North America

Evidence of a Changing Climate – Disease Creep

November 27, 2014 – The list of diseases appearing in unfamiliar places continues to increase for lots of reasons. These include: Human-engineered water projects such as dams, ... Continue Reading →
Lunar Mission One

Kickstarter to Fund Lunar Mission within a Decade

November 26, 2014 – The Kickstarter funded project is called Lunar Mission One. The plan, to put a robotic lander on the Moon at its south pole and have it drill between 20 and ... Continue Reading →
Coal-fired steam turbine power plant

New Technology for Steam Turbine Power Plants Increases Efficiency While Reducing CO2 Emissions

November 25, 2014 – A technology developed at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) may help fight global climate change by making steam power plants more efficient through ... Continue Reading →
11-year-old arrested at Kinder Morgan protest

In the Absence of Governments Agreeing to Carbon Reductions What Can the Rest of Us Do?

November 24, 2014 – I ask the above question in light of a headline that appeared in the Sunday edition of the Toronto Sun, “Girl, 11, nabbed in B.C. Kinder Morgan pipeline ... Continue Reading →