Climate Change and Real Estate Values – Below the 23rd Parallel Forget It

October 22, 2015 – Solomon Hsiang, professor of economics and public policy at University of California Berkeley, as co-author of a new study on the impact of climate change is ... Continue Reading →
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Did You Know that Forest Fires in Indonesia Influence Rainfall in the United States?

October 22, 2015 – In the last two decades as the United States and other countries have sent Earth-observation satellites into near-Earth space we have learned just how interconnected ... Continue Reading →
night skies 1 trillion years in the future

Technological Civilizations of the Future Will be Clueless About the Origins of the Universe

October 21, 2015 – The Solar System is 4.6 billion years old. At that time only 8% of potential Goldilocks Zone planets existed. Today in our Milky Way Galaxy alone scientists ... Continue Reading →

Is Targeting a 2 Celsius Limit the Best Climate Change Strategy?

October 20, 2015 – There is nothing exact about predicting what will happen as atmospheric temperatures rise. That’s scary. And that is the subject of a new collaborative ... Continue Reading →
Nozipho Joyce Mxakato-Diseko

When Should National Self Interest Take a Back Seat to Global Interest?

October 19, 2015 – A draft of the proposed text for COP21 in Paris has the Republic of South Africa describing it as a new form of “apartheid.” The South African delegate ... Continue Reading →
MIT researchers take human element out of big-data analysis with Data Science Machine. Credit:

Artificial Intelligence Researchers Produce “Data Science Machine” – Smarter Than Us

October 19, 2015 – In a machine versus human test a new artificial intelligence, deemed the “Data Science Machine” (DSM) outperformed 615 of 906 human teams. The Computer ... Continue Reading →
Salk Institute rsPSCs

New Stem Cell Type Discovered with Implications for Growing Human Organs

October 18, 2015 – Earlier this year I read about a new pluripotent stem cell discovered by a developmental biologist at the Salk Institute in La Jolla, California. The cell type ... Continue Reading →
Truth or lie way choice showing strategy change or dilemmas

GMO in the News – Organics versus GMO, CRISPR and SP1

October 17, 2015 – Genetically modified organisms or GMOs are to some a lifeline and to others the work of the devil. Evidence-based reasoning tends to fly out the window when ... Continue Reading →
climate change primer pic

A Primer on Terms Related to Climate Change

October 16, 2015 – In the run up to the Paris climate change conference I thought it would be useful to put together some definitions relevant to the subject. Much of what you ... Continue Reading →
Facial recognition identity protection

Will Your Face Betray Your Privacy in the Digital Age?

October 16, 2015 – Guest blogger, Ruth Ann Monti, provides an interesting perspective on the evolution of a technology that is increasingly becoming more sophisticated and being ... Continue Reading →