Fishing fleets as data collectors

Preliminary Climate Change Peru Meeting Fields Proposal – Fishing Vessels as Climate Change Sentinels

November 23, 2014 – LIMA COP20 will meet on December 9, 2014 in Peru. Its goal to begin shaping the global agreement by nations, industry, financial institutions and NGOs to reduce ... Continue Reading →
holopedium jelly

Unforeseen Consequences Post Acid Rain

November 21, 2014 – When I was a young man we lived two blocks from a freshwater-fed pond by the name of Tillplain. Today it is gone, covered and built upon. That’s where ... Continue Reading →
Toronto gridlock

Our Future with Autonomous Vehicles is Closer Than You Think

November 21, 2014 – The Google skunk works experiments to develop autonomous vehicles is quickly opening a flood gate of new technological innovation in transportation. Today ... Continue Reading →
Philae Lander view of Comet 67P

Philae “Mignon” – the Rosetta Lander Finds Organic Molecules on the Comet

November 20, 2014 – In the 60 hours before the batteries drained the Philae lander on Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko looked around and using the Cometary Sampling and Composition ... Continue Reading →

Get Your Gecko Grippers Here

November 19, 2014 – Ever wondered why not just Spiderman but lizards and all kinds of insects can climb up walls? Ever wanted to be just like Spiderman when it comes to wall climbing? ... Continue Reading →

Zero Emission Natural Gas Power Plant – A First of its Kind

November 19, 2014 – The first natural gas power plant that completely captures carbon is about to be constructed by NET Power, a Durham, North Carolina company. The 50 Megawatt ... Continue Reading →
LinkNYC payphone

New York To Reveal Something New – The 21st Century Payphone

November 18, 2014 – Yesterday a friend of mine sent me a news clipping from The Washington Post. But before I talk about the content of what he forwarded I want to take you down ... Continue Reading →
Solar Cloth Company

Gizmos & Gadgets: Solar Cloth Turns Almost Any Roof into an Energy Generator

November 17, 2014 – Cambridge, England’s Solar Cloth Company has announced its first trials of its solar cloth, a lightweight photovoltaic fabric designed to stretch over ... Continue Reading →
Source: Patrick Kelley, U.S. Coast Guard

The First Snow of the Winter Comes Early to Toronto – Is This Global Warming?

November 17, 2014 – When I awoke this morning there was a couple of centimeters of snow on the ground here in mid-town Toronto. Typically Toronto gets its first snow in November ... Continue Reading →
Boeing ALASA

Finding Cheaper Ways to Get to Space

November 16, 2014 – A few years ago Paul Allen, of Microsoft and X-Prize fame, proposed buying two Boeing 747s, removing an outside wing on one and an inside wing on the other ... Continue Reading →