Ice Storm Day After

Would a Smart Grid Have Helped in Toronto’s Ice Storm?

December 26, 2013 – Part of almost any discussion on the future of power generation and distribution has included the mentioning of the smart grid. For those of you who don’t ... Continue Reading →
Ice Storm Day After

Home for Christmas At Last – Ruminations on How Cities Deal with Catastrophic Weather Events

December 25, 2013 – We made it back to our home this morning on Christmas Day! All the refrigerator and freezer contents have been tossed. A three day stay in a hotel has amounted ... Continue Reading →

Hoping to be at home for Christmas here in Icy Toronto

December 23, 2013 – We got hammered by our second big ice storm in the last 10 years. It may or may not be a symptom of climate change, but living through this one has once more ... Continue Reading →
Lynx A 3D camera

Gizmos & Gadgets: 3-D Camera Lets You Print a 3-D Image

December 21, 2013 – With four shopping days left before Christmas here’s a present you may want to consider for the technology geek in your family that wants to be on the ... Continue Reading →
Nuclear fusion reactors like ITER use a tokamak, a doughnut shaped containment vessel in whcih a magnetic field holds hot plasma in place allowing an electric current to be injected to cause fusion.   Source:

Headlines: Superconducting Cable System Brings Us One Step Closer to Nuclear Fusion Reactors

December 20, 2013 – University of Twente  in the Netherlands, under its Green Energy Initiative, has designed a new superconducting cable system for fusion reactors. This new ... Continue Reading →
land-based oil spills

Environment Update: Remediating Land-Based Oil Spills to Recover the Oil

December 20, 2013 – This month, in the journal, RSC Advances, focused on the chemical sciences, Canadian researchers report they have developed a technology to remediate oil from ... Continue Reading →

Space Update: Moon Express Reveals MX-1 Spacecraft

December 19, 2013 – The Lunar XPrize competition is heating up. Early in December Moon Express announced to an audience of 10,000 their MX-1 robotic spacecraft. Backed by Autodesk, ... Continue Reading →
Sleipner field North Sea

Headlines: North Sea Carbon Storage Plans May Spring a Leak

December 19, 2013 – For those in the business of carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) the biggest challenge is less in capturing the carbon and more in finding a place to put ... Continue Reading →
steven chu

Headlines: Steven Chu, Former U.S. Energy Secretary Joins Canadian CCS Technology Company

December 18, 2013 – Carbon capture and sequestration or CCS has challenged those attempting to make economic sense of its many different technologies. So far most CCS projects ... Continue Reading →
MetaPro wearer

Gizmos & Gadgets: Holographic Glasses Make 3D-Augmented Reality “Real”

December 18, 2013 – Meet Meta, a New York developer of holographic interface devices and inventor of the MetaPro glasses that transport the wearer into a world of 3D virtual reality. Back ... Continue Reading →