2012 VP113 dwarf planet orbit

Space Update: Solar System Adds New Dwarf Planet

March 27, 2014 – The name doesn’t fit with what we normally choose when we find a planet, even a dwarf one. It has been dubbed 2012 VP113. And it isn’t anyplace where ... Continue Reading →
War in Crimea

The Future of War Post-Crimea

March 27, 2014 – It has happened in the immediate present, but the “incursion” by “non-Russian,” invasion forces in Crimea, Ukraine, followed by a hastily ... Continue Reading →
BAT deployed

Energy Update: New Alaska Wind Turbine Literally Up in the Air

March 26, 2014 – A combination balloon and turbine is about to be launched in Alaska by Altaeros Energies in an 18-month trial and at a cost of $1.3 million U.S.  Called the ... Continue Reading →
Roman concrete endures

Headlines: The Secrets of Roman Concrete Finally Revealed After 2,000 Years

March 26, 2014 – Portland Cement, the stuff we use in our bridges, roads and buildings, has never equaled the concrete of the Romans in terms of durability. For 2,000 years we ... Continue Reading →
Deep Impact

Why is Admitting to the Reality of Climate Change So Difficult for Politicians and Large Corporations?

In a paper written by Johann Dupuis, of the Swiss Graduate School of Public Administration, he makes the following statement: If the role of adaptation policy is to reduce vulnerability ... Continue Reading →

Headlines: China Releases Its Urban Planning to 2020

March 25, 2014 – The great human engineering experiment in China continued last Sunday with the country unveiling its transition to an urban-centered future. In the past decade ... Continue Reading →
unburnable-carbon 2

Headlines: Exxon to Account to Shareholders for Potential Unburnable Assets

March 25, 2014 – In responding to institutional shareholders, Exxon Mobil, the world’s largest fossil fuel and energy company, has agreed to disclose by the end of this ... Continue Reading →

Artificial Intelligence Gets Boost from Big Name Investors

March 24, 2014 – A California-based recent AI startup company, Vicarious FPC, is attracting the attention of some of the world’s most renowned technology leaders including ... Continue Reading →

What Did We Learn in State of the Future Report?

March 23, 2014 – Last week I reported on the imminent release of The Millennium Project’s State of the Future 2014. The Millennium Project has been around since 1996 and ... Continue Reading →
iHEAR HD hearing aid

Gizmos & Gadgets: New Startup Prototypes Affordable Hearing Device

March 22, 2014 – iHear Medical, a California startup, is crowdfunding on Indiegogo to raise $65,000 U.S. and is better than two-thirds there with a half-month to go. What makes ... Continue Reading →