4th industrial revolution

Education and the 4th Industrial Revolution – Part One

April 2, 2016 – What is the 4th Industrial Revolution? How will it impact current and future generations? What kind of formal and informal education will be needed to help humanity ... Continue Reading →

Tesla Model 3 Draws More Than 135,000 Preorders on First Day of Launch

April 1, 2016 – When Elon Musk announced the launch of the Tesla Model 3 in Hawthorne, California yesterday I doubt he anticipated that there would be long line ups at Tesla offices ... Continue Reading →
cardiac MRI image

Crowdsourced Competition Produces Heart Disease Diagnostic Algorithm

March 31, 2016 – Two days ago I wrote about how crowdsourcing is being used to help with medical diagnoses. It, therefore, is appropriate to point out, yesterday, when the results ... Continue Reading →
Meet Synthia3

What Does it Take to Make Synthetic Life? – 473 genes

March 30, 2016 – Your first questions may be: “Why would we create synthetic life?” “Aren’t we playing at being gods?” For question one the answer ... Continue Reading →

Crowdsourcing Medical Diagnoses – It’s Happening Now

March 29, 2016 – The site is CrowdMed and on its home page it states “CrowdMed solves difficult medical cases online. Yours could be next.”   Crowdsourcing is ... Continue Reading →
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Canadian Business Leaders Respond to Climate Change

March 28, 2016 – This was an eventful month for Canadians and Canadian business. This month the new Liberal government announced its new budget with billions of dollars allocated ... Continue Reading →

What Will Quantum Computing Mean for Those in the Security Business?

March 27, 2016 – Practical programmable quantum computers are closer to reality than ever. Whether we are talking about D-Wave, the British Columbia company that has sold quantum ... Continue Reading →
Brittany Wren posting

The Future of Voting: Holograms, Fingerprints, Iris Scans and More

March 25, 2016 – Brittany Wren is today’s guest blogger. She hails from Nebraska and works in higher education. Her other pursuits include backpacking, traveling, writing ... Continue Reading →
Ocean circulation hansen

Will a 2 Celsius Warming Prove Dangerous? Ocean Circulation Models Say Yes

March 24, 2016 – Studying climate is not something we invented in the 20th and 21st century. Humans have been observing environmental change associated with climate since the ... Continue Reading →

Gizmos & Gadgets: Smart Pill Bottle Glows and Chimes to Remind You to Take Medication

March 23, 2016 – For an aging population that is dependent on medications, DoseSmart combines a smart pill bottle with a smartphone application to ensure you never miss taking ... Continue Reading →