Is the World Getting Better?

October 12, 2017 – Just got back from a week away with my wife, daughter, and son-in-law, visiting family in Atlanta, Georgia. Happy to say there were no mass shootings while ... Continue Reading →

Baseload Renewables’ Goal to Take Carbon Out of the Energy Equation for Good

October 3, 2017 – A Massachusetts Institute of Technology spinoff hopes to create battery storage technology capable of replacing fossil fuel-based power as the primary source ... Continue Reading →

Potential Lithium Battery Game Changer – Water Salt

October 2, 2017 – Lithium’s advantages as a battery medium are many. It is a very light metal. It retains electric charges well and during discharge and recharge isn’t ... Continue Reading →

How Climate Change May Change Our Behaviour

September 30, 2017 – We are already seeing behavioural change as we humans come to grips with the science of climate change. As an observing and reasoning species, the range ... Continue Reading →

Two New Visions for Humans on Mars

September 29, 2017 – At the International Astronautical Congress in Adelaide, Australia, this week, SpaceX founder, Elon Musk, and one of his corporate rivals, Lockheed Martin ... Continue Reading →

New Energy From Old Gas Wells is 100% Renewable

September 28, 2017 – A Calgary-based energy company is teaming up with Hinton, Alberta in what may become a common new practice in places where fossil fuels were extracted in ... Continue Reading →

Cigarette Industry More Than Damaging To Lungs

September 27, 2017 – Jenny Mayer, a previous contributor of interesting content to 21st Century Tech Blog, has tackled cigarettes and smoking in this latest infographic. She writes: “We ... Continue Reading →

Consumer Genetic Testing Goes Mainstream to Help Screen for Breast and Ovarian Cancer Risk

September 26, 2017 – Color Genomics has introduced a screening test that indicates whether you have two gene mutations that put you at higher risk for developing breast cancer. ... Continue Reading →

72% of People Aged 15 to 20 Willing to Pay Extra for Environmentally and Socially Responsible Products and Services

September 23, 2017 – There is a generational shift going on that is not reflected in the dystopian politics we see in the United States these days. The vast majority of young ... Continue Reading →

U.S. Alliance of States Tackles Climate Change

September 23, 2017 – The United States Climate Alliance represents states united for climate action. Founded in response to President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the ... Continue Reading →