EW Brown coal-fired power plant

Kentucky Carbon Capture Installation Opens – Will This One Work?

July 21, 2014 – I remain skeptical about the economics of industrial technologies for carbon capture. Almost every project started has been heavily subsidized by government. But ... Continue Reading →

Work and the Future: Who Will? Who Won’t?

July 20, 2014 – If you work for the post office these days then you already have an inkling of what the 21st century will do to many jobs. Texting, email, and mobile connectivity ... Continue Reading →
Earth in the past

Studying Earth’s History Reveals a Past Mystery About Our Atmosphere and the Evolution of Life

July 19, 2014 – Some of you who know me personally know that in my formative years I started studying geophysics in university before a physical accident laid me up for more than ... Continue Reading →

South Korea Attacks Disruptive Technology with 10 Year Plan

July 18, 2014 – The government in South Korea is organizing its manufacturing sector along with academics and ministries to tackle and develop 3D printing as an economic opportunity. ... Continue Reading →
Jibo Family Robot

Gizmos & Gadgets: A Family Robot Named JIBO

July 18, 2014 – On Indiegogo this month, in fact since posting on July 16th, two days ago, a robotics project has received over 580% of its funding target of $100,000 U.S. Named ... Continue Reading →
tetrahedrite quartz

Can Tetrahedrite Help Generate Cheap Thermoelectric Energy?

July 17, 2014 – Never heard of tetrahedrite?  It’s a copper-antimony sulfide. It can contain silver, copper, zinc, mercury or iron. The antimony could be replaced by arsenic ... Continue Reading →
North Korea from the ISS

Where You Live on Earth Matters

July 16, 2014 – Look below. Have you seen this image before?     It’s taken from the International Space Station flying over the Earth at night. What looks like ... Continue Reading →
James Webb Telescope

Space Updates: We Are a Year Away from Pluto Close-up and New Earth 20 Years Away

July 16, 2014 – NASA in the news the last few days is getting prepared for Pluto and beyond while some of its scientists further speculate on finding alien life on a New Earth ... Continue Reading →
water equals food

Financial Newspapers Start Talking About Water Shortages and Water Strife

July 15, 2014 – As I scanned the pages of my morning business-oriented newspaper I noted an opinion piece that suggested a future of water wars brought on by freshwater scarcity. ... Continue Reading →
Patriot missiles

Anti-Missile Defense Systems – Can they work?

July 14, 2014 – In the latest Middle East flare up between Israel and its neighbors, the country has been subject to a barrage of short and long-range missiles. These rockets ... Continue Reading →