My Post Yesterday on Cold Fusion Produces a Plethora of Opinions

I was both trashed and praised yesterday for writing that cold fusion is a misnomer for what is being observed by some in experiments with deuterium, palladium, nickel, hydrogen and unknown and unnamed catalysts.  I was told that “you more or less got everything wrong” by one reader and by others that there is no evidence from any cold fusion experiments that anomalous heat is produced greater than the energy input.

I was told by another reader “if you think that the production of U238 fission products by transmutation in a LENR (low energy nuclear reactor) reaction is not nuclear, then you are in the wrong line of work…please educate yourself.” I’m all for educating myself so I looked up one of the terms introduced by this particular commenter –  nanoplasmonics, (see image below) which I found out is the study of optical phenomena at a nanoscale. Nanoplasmonics concerns plasmons described as entities that “lurk on and below the surface of metals.” I must admit this was an entirely new subject for me and I wondered what it had to do with cold fusion and the presence of observed anomalous heat generation.




I was given a link by this same reader to a paper. Here is the link for all who are interested. In the article it states that “recent theoretical work shows the capability of laser radiation to directly excite nuclear levels of energy.” The technology described uses lasers to initiate nuclear reactions in nanoparticles suspended in liquid. This leads to nuclear decay. This phenomena is what my reader was referring to when he commented on my denial of transmutation as being anything more than alchemy. The paper goes on to state:

“If the results from works on “cold fusion” raised (and still raise) certain doubts due to their irreproducibility in different laboratories, experimental evidence on the possibility of the transmutation of various nuclei upon the laser excitation of nanoparticles and electro-explosions of metallic electrodes in aqueous solutions of salts of unstable isotopes are well reproducible. These results confirm the possibility of initiation of nuclear transformations in cold plasma.”

I won’t quarrel with the prose although it is quite a mouthful. The paper, however, goes on to describe experiments using lasers to irradiate different nanoparticles in cold suspensions and concludes that in fact transmutation is observed with the synthesis of tritium from deuterium oxide (heavy water).

Here, however, is where I have some problems. The paper is undated. In my attempts to find if it had been published anywhere I came up empty. That included doing Google searches, a search on the CERN pub site and on other journal article aggregation sites. So for the moment all I can conclude is that I have been given a document that may or may not have been peer reviewed, and may be on to something or not. But I am sure I will hear more from this reader who did ask me to educate myself and so I have lived up to the request.

Another reader also questioned my intelligence and knowledge and pointed me to the work being conducted by Defkalion, a company that has been associated with Andrea Rossi and has sought funding from the Greek government in the past. I find it funny that anyone would seek funding from a government that has itself sought a bailout from the European Union, but that’s another subject.

So what does Defkalion add to solving the mystery of cold fusion? Here is what one reader sent me although I found no reference to it on Defkalion’s web pages:

“There will be an official announcement of this technology during ICCF 18 (International Conference Cold Fusion 18) at the University of Missouri (USA). For those interested you can see this webcast of all phases of the experiment , ignition, performance and switching off. Two independent scientists and two science journalists at international level will participate in this broadcast, as well as a member of the Cicap. ”

This announcement was purported to come directly from the CEO of Defkalion, Franco Cappiello.

Another reader had things to say about Defkalion that were less than kind but I will let you find their comments in the postings. To me Defkalion remains a quandary.  I have viewed presentations they have posted in which they describe observed transmutations from vulcanism and high-voltage accidents with the implication that, therefore, LENR is real. But I have yet to see or read about any of the supposed companies that are partnering with them to rollout OEM versions of the Hyperion (seen below), a commercial LENR product that has been promised on several occasions.




For those of you seeking answers to the mystery of cold fusion and the anomalous heat observations I would recommend you either attend the upcoming ICCF-18 Conference at the Columbia, Missouri campus of University of Missouri taking place next week (July 21-27) or research the presenters and get access to the papers they submit.

I will leave you with a quote from the document ascribed to the keynote speaker who is presenting at the conference.

“Science is data driven. Once a hypothesis isformed, the most important scientific task is to disprove the hypothesis. Only after failure to find conflicting data is a hypothesis accepted as likely correct, but that acceptance can change on a moments notice when new data arises.”
He further states, “unfortunately, the poor reproducibility (<6%) [referring to LENR experimental results] prevented discovery of the trigger for this excess heat.”
In conclusion to those who are pro and those who are anti cold fusion I want you to understand that no one more than me would love to hear that this technology is what it claims to be….a source of unlimited energy that can save the planet by stopping the burning of fossil fuels. So this time next week we may find out that LENR is ready for market or still a lab phenomena that has unpredictable outcomes and, therefore, is not ready for prime time.
I hope all of you who are invested in the subject will keep on top of what ensues from the ICCF-18 conference. I know I will be paying attention and reporting back to you here at 21st Century Tech blog.

Len Rosen lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He is a researcher and writer who has a fascination with science and technology. He is married with a daughter who works in radio, and a miniature red poodle who is his daily companion on walks of discovery. More...


  • It is surprising to see only so awkward and uncommon papers and subjects…
    Classic LENR is far from those experiments, more replicated, and better understood.

    The lack of reproducibility is a myth…
    it is true that like on many early technology, some electrodes works and some don’t.
    But in many experiments series, some electrodes were working very reliably, until they broke for identified reasons.
    First planes were not so different, like first germanium diodes.

    The reason are better and better understood and ENEA have done a very good job in understanding and now controlling those problems.
    At ICCF15 they reported works to understand the impact of crystallographic surface state
    and they could even improve it.

    It is classic PdD LENR, which is useless, but is an easy tool for research.
    You should contact them.

    Their latest presentation in brussel are there:

    You can access the slides under the name of the speaker , in the agenda. NB: Vittorio Violante presented ENEA work. It is a good start.

    very late compared to Defkalion and Rossi, and even to Celani, Hagelstein, Brillouin,… It is just science…

    The scope of what is happening today is much wider that what is discussed here, and much less controversial.

    To understand what Rossi and defkalion have done, you can start from NASA gas permeation experiments in 89, replicated in Uni Tsinghua 2005 with Infinicon help, by Biberian in 2007, and by NASA GRC in 2008… the story is on with more details…
    Then add some experiments by Piantelli, Focardi, Celani, Miley, who make the LENR community laugh like PdD made ERAB laugh… (the story is on lenr-forum too)
    It seems that making scientist laugh is the best way to find new things.

    AlainCo — the techwatcher of

    • Roget Daltrie

      From the synopsis of Naval Research Lab Dr. Kidwell’s keynote address at ICCF-18:

      “In contrast, we can find no artifacts to explain the data for some of our results, and therefore we must conclude that an unknown source of energy exists and is worthy of more attention.”

  • Check out this paper, another patent that claims “Cold Fusion” From Finland.

    • The Paper states:

      [0033] Regarding the penetration of the Coulomb barrier around the atom nucleus, resonance of a wave function of a particle in a quantum well system has been described by David Bohm, “Quantum theory”, Prentice-Hall, New York 1951, which is incorporated herein by reference. Specifically, a wave is reflecting back and forth across the potential in a quantum well, a wave coming in the quantum well from outside enhances the wave inside the quantum well and a strong standing wave is built up inside the quantum well when the system is in resonance. Further, the waveform of a proton tunnels through the Coulomb barrier to the nucleus of an atom with certain probability. Near a resonance the waveform intensity of the proton is considerable in the quantum well and the probability of fusing proton with the nucleus is increased. The metastable state of the fused nucleus may have such a long lifetime in solid state structures that it can decay in other ways than by re-emission of the incident proton or by emission of gamma-ray photons, and energy is released over relatively long time also as lower energy photons (e.g. X-ray photons) or as phonons (lattice vibrations) to the surrounding solid lattice. [0034] When one or more electrons of an atom are excited to high principal quantum number, the excited electron is in the Rydberg state and the atom becomes a Rydberg atom.

      • Further states:

        Solution to Problem [0057] Electric field strengths capable of accelerating hydrogen ions to kinetic energies high enough to tunnel through the Coulomb barrier of nuclei and fusing with the nuclei are generated with a novel system comprising dielectric materials possessing electric polarizability that act as electric charge sources and metallic nanopowders capable of forming interstitial and/or electrically conductive metal hydrides that act as electric field focusing and electric field strength enhancing materials and hydrogen ion sources.
        [0058] Electric field strengths capable of accelerating hydrogen ions and electrons to kinetic energies high enough to excite electrons on solid surfaces to Rydberg states and form Rydberg matter are generated with a novel system comprising dielectric materials possessing electric polarizability that act as electric charge sources, metallic nanopowders capable of forming interstitial and/or electrically conductive metal hydrides that act as electric field focusing and electric field strength enhancing materials and hydrogen ion sources and catalytic nanopowders promoting the formation and storage of Rydberg matter. Advantageous Effects of Invention
        [0059] The price of thermal energy or electrical energy produced by the present invention is less than about 1 euro-cent / 3.6 MJ or kWh. The amount and cost of fuel needed for the present thermal- energy generating system is very small compared to any system utilizing fossil

  • maryyugo

    Hi Len.

    These entries seem to appear in two different places at the same time. Where would you like the responses? It’s awkward and time-wasting to reply to both. Thanks.

  • Axil

    Reduce your expectations for ICCF-18. This conference will produce only a handful of papers of note reflecting any new material.

    Most will be a rehash of the traditional subject matter will few new advances made.

    In the LENR community, there is a conflict between the LENR theorists who retain their requirement for the original Fleischmann and Pons experimental framework using palladium and heavy water (Pt/D) and the emerging theorists who have moved to the newly emerging Nickel and hydrogen based Ni/H LENR+ technology.

    LENR has nothing to do with the E-Cat and Hyperion products. These are LENR+ technologies.

    Just a handful of papers will deal with the emerging LENR+ technology of which the professor Kim paper will be the most prominent. Even this paper will be bare bones.

    Expect to see Bose Einstein condensation theory and some Nanoplasmonics introduced as a way to advance LENR+ theory with the old guard beyond the traditional Fleischmann and Pons based LENR technology.

    During this conference a political process will begin whereby the LENR+ community will attempt to move the older and larger LENR community over to the new LENR+ paradigm. But this old is very entranced in the deep rooted traditions of Pd/D LENR theory.

    In the forthcoming year, Defkalion’s Nanoplasmonic based theory will gain increase theoretical credence as the Hyperion product line demonstrates early dominance in the marketplace.

  • nemo

    <Here, however, is where I have some problems. The paper is undated.

  • Roget Daltrie

    Conclusion of seven international scientists doing independent study of the Rossi E-CatHT:

    “Computed volumetric and gravimetric energy densities were found to be far above those of
    any known chemical source. Even by the most conservative assumptions as to the errors in the
    measurements, the result is still one order of magnitude greater than conventional energy sources.”

    Meaning there is an unknown, extremely powerful reaction taking place, explainable in the standard model by some kind of nuclear activity. These facts will not go away because a handful of pathoskeps want them to.

  • Roget Daltrie

    In quoting Dr. Kidwell one of two keynote speakers at ICCF-18, you left out his comment on gas loaded LENR as opposed to more traditional Pons & Fleischmann type electrochemical experiments:

    “In gas loading, palladium nanoparticles are pressurized with deuterium. While the resultant heat is very reproducible, it is much lower than from electrochemical experiments… “

  • Axil Axil

    98% of the technology that produces LENR: how to produce an intense magnetic beam at the atomic scale, can already be found in papers spread throughout science.

    What is not now known is how that extreme anapole magnetic field causes nuclear effects through changes in the weak and strong forces of the Standard Model.

    This will require a reworking of the Supersymmetry theory that science is hoping will make the standard model work. There will be huge resistance to the magnetic theory of nuclear transformation.