Energy Update: LENR Developers Remain Stuck in the Lab with No Commercial Product

Cold fusion enthusiasts are still looking for the holy grail. A new organization, formed in 2011 by Dr. George Miley, a Physics Professor at University of Illinois, announced in October 2011 at the World Green Energy Symposium held in Philadelphia, that he had developed a LENR device that reliably produced several hundred watts of energy continuously.

Miley, seen in the image below, is a big believer in the potential of cold fusion and his credentials lend weight to his claims. The device he has created differs from that created by the controversial Andrea Rossi, the name most associated with LENR, that is after Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons, who first reported the phenomenon and gave it its moniker, cold fusion.

George Miley Cold Fusion Advocate


Today the term LENR has replaced cold fusion. LENR stands for low energy nuclear reaction. Miley’s device, seen in the drawing below, does not require an external heat source, relying on the chemical reactions within it to produce the heat energy needed to run the unit. The fuel is ZrO2 (zirconium dioxide) and deuterium pressurized to 413 kilo pascals (60 psi). And unlike Andrea Rossi, Miley’s results should be available to the public since he is working in an academic institution. I tried to find a journal reference to Miley’s experiments using Google Search but was unsuccessful. Maybe it’s a bit premature.

Miley's LENR


Miley has stated publicly that the phenomena he is observing is not chemical but nuclear. His LENR device is small and the question is, will it scale to yield enough energy to become commercially viable? Recently, Miley obtained the first U.S. patent for a LENR device, something no other LENR researcher has accomplished to date. And recent reports state that Miley is working on 3 Kilowatt and 30 Kilowatt LENR designs.

I will keep you posted. I’ve written to Professor Miley to see if he will agree to an interview and will keep you informed. Are we a step closer to a real commercial LENR? I hope so but will remain a skeptic for the moment.

Len Rosen lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He is a researcher and writer who has a fascination with science and technology. He is married with a daughter who works in radio, and a miniature red poodle who is his daily companion on walks of discovery. More...


  • Niccolo5

    Dr. Miley’s credentials seem as genuinely impressive as Rossi’s seem embarrassingly problematic. Still my skepticism against Miley will be equally the same as against Rossi, and I will stoutly maintain it until his magic gadget publicly melts several hundred pounds of crushed ice with excess energy. Melt the ice in public and you have my belief. I’m not holding my breath. All demonstrations of LENR use problematic methods of measuring excess heat production. None of the LENR proponents want to simply melt a plastic garbage pail of crushed ice. That’s a strong clue it’s all ballyhoo and snake oil.

    • It seems you are not warare of recent (less than 20 years ;-> ) experiments and calorimetry.
      not alos of tritium, he4, transmutation, neutrons detections…

      they could not melt ice until recently because it was just lab work, at small power to be more precise and answer to skeptics… in facts trangely you are more precise at small power.
      Ask Ed storms, he will explain you why. His work at Naturwissenschaften is to organize review of LENr papers… he made a nice review that you should read.

      about commercial claims, yes Rossi is a clow, following exactly (is he copying) the same method as the Wright brothers… forget him.
      But don’t forget aldo Proia. check his CV (at energaya), and his interview…
      about Defkalion, the extraordinary evidence of >>1 is given by Nelson (who bashed Rossi for loose demo, in comparison), who was happy of beeing allowed to play with the reactor. it was warming water, so performance around 100C was awful, but already what you ask : few hundred watts produced and warming water…

      please update your data I’ve made an executive summary

      • lenrosen4

        Hi Alain,
        As much as I would like to believe that a commercial LENR exists, the evidence remains questionable to say the least. I have looked at Defkalion, Rossi’s ECat and I remain a skeptic. Every document I see that praises or describes LENR successes comes from a limited number of cold fusion supporter sites. I have yet to see a scientific or engineering journal publish LENR results. It is a disappointment to me because if Fleischman and Pons were proven right then all the world would be a beneficiary. But right now it seems that confidence men are big in the LENR cold fusion business. That’s why I’m hoping Professor Miley is the real deal.

  • Niccolo5

    Notice the lovely drawing of the Miley energy cell is mostly dedicated to a fan and thermonic generator that would be useful if the cell core gets hot enough. But the whole world of honest technology doesn’t have a problem with any of the infinite number of ways to do something useful with excess heat. That’s another clue it’s bogus. The problem relates to: “Where is the excess heat?” No one has yet shown the production of useful amounts of LENR heat. Show us the heat and quit trying to doodlebug us with fantasies of what you could do with the heat if you had some. Miley is a professional engineer and he darn well knows the only thing the world of honest technology is really interested in is empirical details of whether the gadget can produce excess heat. It’s like drawing lovely detailed plans for a 200-mpg automobile and leaving the engine out with a blank space labeled “magic engine.” Who would invest in a low fuel consumption car project based on plans that omit the magic engine? This is a technology that will stay in the lab forever. LENR proponents need to melt some ice or else sit down and shut up.

  • Niccolo5

    I just wasted some time reading the “patent.” Nowhere does the patent claim to relate to a device that produces excess or over-unity energy. From the patent description it’s unclear what, if anything at all, useful the device might do. The US Patent Office serves the public interest about as well as the US Congress does.

  • Niccolo5

    ((That’s why I’m hoping Professor Miley is the real deal.))

    I’m hoping he is the real deal also. But I don’t believe much on faith, so I don’t think he is. All he has to do to convince the whole world of legitimate science is to simply melt that garbage pail of cracked ice under controlled conditions. He isn’t offering to do that. I don’t think he ever will. He hasn’t published a peer-reviewed paper reporting results of useful amounts of energy. I don’t think he ever will. I’m guessing his project will turn into another Black Light Power operation that burns through millions of investor’s money, but never brings a working product to market. It’s interesting that his patent doesn’t claim to produce useful amounts of energy. The BLP operation employs PhDs out the ying yang, but after over 20-years of broken promises it still hasn’t brought an energy-producing product to market, and it certainly hasn’t melted the first garbage pail of crushed ice. I don’t think we need to concern ourselves with technical claims; we just need to see some ice melting. That’s about as simple as it gets, and the proponents of LENR aren’t melting ice.