Stem cells and aging

Peter Diamandis Wants You to Bank Your Stem Cells

July 28, 2015 – If you are a regular reader of this blog then you have read about the importance of our research into stem cells and their therapeutic value. I’m even contemplating ... Continue Reading →

Robots in the News – From Millibots in Your Body to Mechanized Workers on the Factory Floor

July 27, 2015 – Back in June at the DARPA Robotics Challenge, a South Korean robot named HUBO took home the $2 million US grand prize beating out 22 other robots. It was an impressive ... Continue Reading →

Agricultural Science and Technology in the News This Past Week

July 26, 2015 – Three farm stories caught my eye this week. The first, a truly revolutionary one that pushes back the dawn of the age of agriculture some 11,000 years. The second, ... Continue Reading →

Interesting Space News This Week

July 25, 2015 – Space has been big in the news in the last week. From the latest Pluto images to the discovery of a potential Earth-twin exoplanet, to new observations about the ... Continue Reading →

Arctic Sea Ice Grew in Volume After Cool Summers in 2013-14 Bucking the Recent Trend

July 23, 2015 – Sea ice volume is a different measure than sea ice extent. Volume looks at the thickness of the ice as well as the area of coverage. Extent is just about the latter. ... Continue Reading →
young people learning

Raising Kids in Exponential Times

July 22, 2015 – In his latest email blast Peter Diamandis talks about children and education beginning with the statement “How do you raise kids today during these exponential ... Continue Reading →
Falcon 9 production floor

SpaceX Thinks It Knows What Went Wrong in Recent Falcon 9 Mission Failure

July 21, 2015 – In an update sent out by the company yesterday, SpaceX described the events pertaining to the 19th launch of its Falcon 9 rocket which blew up in a second stage ... Continue Reading →
Alberta farms and drought

Drought and Farming Made Headlines in Canada’s National Newspaper Today

July 20, 2015 – Talk about a dry place. When Neil Armstrong stepped off the Lunar Excursion Module to the Moon’ surface 46 years ago today he was the first to walk on the ... Continue Reading →

Today We Implemented Phase 2: My Family’s Carbon Footprint Reduction Strategy

July 17, 2015 – With the latest “global weather” report from the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) pointing to 2014 as the warmest year on ... Continue Reading →