Gizmos & Gadgets: 3Doodler the 3-D Printing Pen

3D printing is about to get even cheaper. Introducing the 3Doodler pen. For $75 you can draw anything in 3D.  3Doodler doesn’t use ink. Instead you write with liquid plastic which allows you to sculpt in three dimensions. The pen heats the plastic to 270 Celsius (518 Fahrenheit) as it is extruded through the head but it quickly cools and sets allowing the user to literally draw in the air. It doesn’t require a computer or CAD software to build something in 3D. It’s compact, hand held and as easy to use as a ballpoint pen.

The developers who marry technology and toy expertise have formed a company called Wobble Works and listed on Kickstarter where they have already exceeded the $30,000 they were seeking. Current totals with 31 days to go, over $1.1 million raised. The company hopes to have the 3Doodler in production in time for Christmas 2013. But if you make a pledge on Kickstarter you may be able to get yours earlier.


3Doodler Pen-in-hand1

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