Gizmos & Gadgets: An App to Remember Everything

December 12, 2013 – Yesterday I wrote about Memoir, a smartphone app that creates a living diary of things past and present, organizing what you have seen, where you have been and who you have met without you doing anything.

Today I’m writing about Evernote, an application you can download to organize and remember your digital life from any of your digital devices whether a computer, cellphone, tablet or music player. It seems apt that its iconic logo is an elephant.

Visit the website at the link provided above and download the right version of the application for free. You have a choice between this and a premium version for which you pay $5 a month. Free gets you 60 Megabytes of content per month. That’s a good way to become familiar with Evernote but not really a practical amount of storage to make this the place to organize your digital life. But at least it will get you started and if you like the application you can then upgrade to  the premium product and increase your online capacity to one Gigabyte per month. Evernote runs on Apple products, Microsoft Windows, Blackberry and others. Check out the list on the website.

Once you download the application begin storing all your digital images, documents, emails, web content, music and video, organizing the content in a general folder or creating multiple folders probably much the way you do it on your computer today. And what gets put in Evernote can be taken out, exporting it to e-mail, Facebook or your mobile phone.

Evernote gives you a search function for finding anything you place in it. The free version lets you search for everything but doesn’t let you do in-document search, just search by file name. The premium version search, however,  does allow specific content search within documents regardless of format.

Once you get in the habit of putting everything into Evernote you will probably be hooked permanently to it because for the first time, no matter what device you are on – MP3 player, iPod, tablet, smartphone, laptop or computer, anything you have ever done will be instantly re-callable.



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